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Europe for Business at the Fourth Training Workshop of THEBERA Project

Cairo, Egypt – On Monday, 10th February, there was the fourth training workshop of the project THEBERA, which is now at its final stage. The four partners had the chance to take stock of this  long collaboration.

The aim of this final training session was to put together potential researchers from several research institutes and to enable networking and clustering between trainees. The idea was to foster the building of future effective research consortiums.

This was also an occasion to show the results of the project, whose broader objective was to develop a Mediterranean partnership in the area of hepatic pathology and which has already had an impact on the research sector in the above mentioned region.

Europe for Business has been in charge of the coaching session at the Horizon 2020 regional event, where the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation was presented to the participants in order to clear the ground for a new fruitful Euro-Egyptian collaboration. In particular, the schemes introduced were the one on “Societal challenges” and “Excellence in Science”, Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions.









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BEWATER - Making society an active participant in water adaptation to global change

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Current projections and climate models point to the fact, that increasing water scarcity and drought in the Mediterranean region, is highly likely to cause serious socio-economic loss and environmental impact. The public have up to now had little impact on positive change, but a new project – BETWATER - is looking to change that and embed a sense of societal responsibility concerning water management and adaptation towards these threats.

Improved awareness, mutual learning processes and shared civil responsibility by both society and stakeholders are seen to be key in addressing successful adaption strategies and their implementation, leading to increased resilience of the socio-ecological system of a river basin.