Our services

serviceIdentification of relevant grant opportunities

EFB is a European Consulting company specialising in the identification of relevant European Union grant opportunities for European organisations. EFB operates throughout the European Union and provides a comprehensive Project Analysis Service, which gives information on a range of available funding options and opportunities.

  • Designing tailor-made strategies for organisations' development by taking advantage of European opportunities.
  • Assessment of projects' eligibility for EU funding, and preparing funding proposals.
  • Explaining the European Union and the way it works: making the EU, its institutions and its policies reality for you and your organisation.
  • Helping clients to ask - and answer - appropriate questions about the EU for their individual situation: unravelling the red tape and helping to integrate concrete European opportunities into strategy planning.
  • Business coaching to improve individual and organisational performance
  • Targeting, sourcing and interpreting relevant information on EU policies and rules for specific clients - including early warning of impending changes.
  • Advising clients on managing the impact of EU policies and rules
  • Knowing - and sharing - strategic contacts within the EU and national institutions: helping to create strategic partnerships
  • Investigating and profiling European markets

These skills are backed by additional research capability and an experienced administrative infrastructure.

Communication and Dissemination strategy

EFB also takes charge of the communication and dissemination activities of EU funded projects thus boosting the engagement and impact of research activities in various scientific fields.

EFB can lead your project in the following activities:

  • Software Design
  • Website Developers
  • Creative Multimedia & Graphic Design


We can work as an active partner to facilitate the creation of European consortiums and to spread project initiatives among European regions by means of active networking. As a network and link entity between both EFB partners and the EU institutions and the main science  actors from other EU regions.

EFB is an ideal partner to effectively design and carry out bespoke and comprehensive communicational campaigns to spread the results of European projects internationally.

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